Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Party Starts Now

I left off my last posting alluding to my daughter's 10th birthday party surprise. The party was a hit. She knew the spa theme, but the big surprise was that I took her and five other friends (plus another wonderful mom to help) to a local hotel where we stayed the night in two adjoining suites. So it was a spa sleepover. And the best part was that we could leave behind all of the wet towels, disrranged bedsheets, used bathrooms as well as pizza & cupcakes trash. It was a blast. None of us got enough sleep, but we all came away thoroughly hydrated, moisturized, exfoliated and pampered.

The day of my daughter's party, I went scouting at a local quilt store to see if I wanted to host my book launch party there. Although I haven't set my book launch party date yet, I'm thinking ahead and want to find the perfect space. The quilt store owner was shocked I might consider his store for my launch party, and he sounded quite disbelieving when he asked me if I had ever been to his store before. I said it had been a while, so let's give it a look-see.

When I got to the store, I realized why he questioned my judgment about his store as the potential party pad. Granted they had just unloaded from the recent Arizona Craft, Quilt and Sewing Festival, but the place needed some organizing of its own. I spent two hours with a store manager and talked about organizational improvements they might consider making.

They do a brisk business, and while I was there on a Saturday morning I kept getting in the way of their shoppers. I love to support local businesses and would like nothing more than to see this shop thrive. But it's going to take some time and muscle to get this quilt store reorganized. I hope they call me to help with their store makeover. Either way, I will be among their happy shoppers when they've got the store flow and merchandise in check.

I now have to make a second choice for the book launch party location. I will try to stop after work next week to check out another potential place.

Last week, I got my first copy of my book. I was so excited to finally see it in print and to hold it in my hands. I'm not sure if I'm ready to read it yet, though. Maybe sometime soon.

The C&T team sent me this gorgeous azalea and their best wishes for the success of the book. My success will be their success of course.

I am in the process of lining up my first organizing topics to feature here on the blog, and I've got some good products and vendors to tell you about soon.

Happy quilting!