Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jean R.'s Grand Sewing Canyon Tour

Jean R. and I got to chatting while we were at 35th Avenue Sew n Vac. Jean had a sense of humor, and I loved how she talked so candidly about her quilting space. When I first meet people and they tell me about their organizing challenges, they often hide their embarrassment by being funny about their space. So when I asked Jean if I could share her challenges with others via my blog, Jean sent me a full-on description of her space with pictures. It was obvious that Jean has a genuine sense of humor. I just have to share it with you.

Here's Jean's Phoenix-area studio, in her own words:

Rapids ahead! Watch out for protruding rocks!
disorganized sewing studio, colored drawer carts, stacks on floor
We will be entering the Grand Sewing Canyon after a sharp right turn. Stay close to the left side of the current so as not to be sucked into a hidden whirlpool. Very dangerous.

crowded sewing machines, lack of work space
Treasure hunters are often trying to beach in this area. Several have gone missing recently. There is a slightly visible plateau with artifacts from 2010, the last time this area was explored. You can see Baby Lock Lodge in the forefront.

crowded sewing table with boxes underneath
We are coming up on a lower accessible area on the right, Bernina Point. There is currently still activity in this area and a local native can still be found working at some project. Native worker appears to be stocked with at least a day’s food supply.

cluttered shelves in sewing roomThe high cliffs ahead house ancient manuscripts dating back to 1950.
sewing studio shelves with photo boxes, magazines and too much clutter

After hiking to a high point at the top of the canyon, Rainbow Rock Park and Spool-A-Roo caverns can be seen near the area of first entry by the rapids.

project boxes blocking closet doors in cluttered sewing room
Out of the canyon and home safe. king thread spools in plastic drawer unit

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